janetI’m a long time blogger, influencer, and digital marketer. A few years ago I quit my job to work from home and be around more for my kids. Brands hire me to access my network of lifestyle bloggers for both local events (like restaurant openings) and publicity campaigns.

I love tech and things that make life better and easier. My motto is to live like royalty.

I can no longer blame my kids for my lack of sleep.

Why am I interested in mattresses and all things sleep? I used to think my kids kept me awake. Then they grew up and sleep great on their own. My husband sometimes woke me up because he’s 6′ 4″ tall and a big guy so when he moved I felt it – until we got a Purple mattress. It changed my life! That made me examine other things that could help me get the best sleep.

It’s too hot. It’s too cold.

There are so many reasons that interfere with getting the best night’s sleep. The room may be too cold or hot. There might be too much light or noise in the room. Or sometimes it’s a new idea and my excitement keeps me awake (meditation works well). As time went on sleep seemed much harder to get consistently. That began my obsession with good sleep as an aspect of physical and emotional health.

Bed in a box mattresses rock.

I don’t like shopping for mattresses in a retail store. How can you know what one works best for you in a few minutes of testing one out while a salesperson stands over you? Plus, I order almost everything online – why not my mattress?

Mattresses used to be a boring topic with really bad advertisements and marketing. Then came Casper and online mattress brands like Purple. Their ads were fun! They entertained while educating us. There weren’t scare tactics and manipulative selling techniques! The bed in a box mattress companies changed the game by taking out the overhead and giving us options to buy showroom quality beds for less. Plus, you can actually sleep on them for months before you decide what you think and get a full refund if you don’t like it. That’s something I can get behind!

I like taking photos of mattresses on cars.

I like taking pictures of mattresses strapped to the tops of cars or in the back of trucks. If you have any to share that I can repost please tag them #sleepmama or email them to me!

What I’ve Found…After Years of Searching

  • I found the perfect pillow for me – Brooklyn Bedding
  • I found my perfect mattress – Purple Mattress
  • I found the perfect humidifier/air purifier/diffuser (to make my room smell amazing) – Venta
  • The way to get the exact right light in my room with a dimmer and without needing an electrician – Philips Hue smart lightbulbs

I’m still searching for the best adjustable bed because that’s next on my list.

My favorite mattress firmness is medium. I like shredded memory foam pillows (after years of loving feather pillows – I discovered that they’re too flat for me).

You need good sleep too.

This blog is where I share my sleep discoveries and how I improve my life through better sleep and health. You’ll find my best tips and tricks to help you improve your sleep every day.