Cover Clamp Stops Anyone From Hogging Your Blanket!

The Cover Clamp is a REAL product that helps secure your blankets so your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids cannot ever steal your blankets from you again! You know the old tuck and roll that leaves you exposed and cold? You can FIGHT BACK!

This video has thousands of views on Facebook and it will show you exactly what we mean. Resists up to 50 lbs of force so if there’s a fight you win every time!


Cover Clamp Reviews

“I set it up as a prank for my husband. I have never been so warm at night. Sure, he now covers himself with a hoodie…but, hey….He can’t take more than his fair share of covers!”

 “My boyfriend wanted to kill me when he woke up every morning freezing. Now he doesn’t and everyone is happy. 5 stars for saving my relationship and literally my life.”

Cover Clamp keeps your duvet on the bed and makes it easier to make your bed!

“The Cover Clamp also helps keep the duvet on the bed- we’ve had problems with the duvet slipping off the foot of the bed.”

“This is a legitimately worthwhile purchase. It’s easy to install, easy to use. I’m no longer constantly waking up to pull the covers back onto me. It holds so well, I once woke up and the sheets were almost tent-like over me… But still over me 🙂 Another plus-since the bed covers didn’t really move much it’s a lot less work to make the bed in the morning!”

“$25 (plus shipping) is a very small price to pay for a good night’s sleep. Now the only thing I have to worry about is the snoring! :)”

“We are in love with the cover clamp! It turned out to be such an amazing gift for my husband for our anniversary. Not only was it a very thoughtful gift, but incredibly effective as well. He opted to place the clamp lower to keep the covers (and sheets) in place, yet still allow him to just slide into bed without the need to unbuckle. It was exactly what we never knew we needed!”

I can say this was the best $30 bucks we have spent in awhile. I got this to prove to my husband that HE was the problem, not ME! Unfortunately after a couple weeks of sleeping with this it has led to much introspection and self doubt….after 14 years of blaming my husband for the cover situation…I AM THE PROBLEM! I am the cover thief! He has accused me for years, but I thought for sure he was wrong. Now I must live with the knowledge that after having bought this product to prove a point to him, and the covers not budging since we installed it….I have proven a point to myself…..I am the cover thief no longer….the shame, the horror!!!! Bwhahahha p.s. The product is great and works as advertised! 😉

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Complaints Against Cover Clamp

One person reported that Cover Clamp bangs against the bed frame when someone moves. The company responded. They explained this could be due to the way Cover Clamp was installed and offered a refund if the problem couldn’t be solved and said it was the first time they had heard the complaint.

“I can’t think of a way that this banging could happen if it was installed with the Grip Pad placed between the mattress and the box spring (as seen in the pictures and videos). I suppose that the bed you are using could have a raised sidewall or something. Or perhaps you have the strap connected to the frame (as opposed to using the grip pad), and have the covers and clamp pulled down all the way to the frame. I can say this is not a usual occurrence and it is the first I am hearing of it. Please contact me I will be happy to refund your money in full. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Cover Clamp FAQ

How Many Cover Clamps do you need?

It depends on how many blanket hogs you have but most often there is just one so you only need one Clover Clamp.

Will Cover Clamp rip my bed linens?

No, Cover Clamp says they’re safe for even the most delicate sheets and blankets and is 100% guaranteed. If it doesn’t work for you they will refund your money.

How do you get out of bed?

Cover Clamp has a quick release buckle on the clamp, so you can easily get in and out of the bed without having to clamp the blankets/sheets again.

I sleep with a ton of blankets and sheets, will Cover Clamp hold all of them?

Cover Clamp holds up to 2 inches of bedding so you should be covered!

What if I toss and turn a lot when I sleep?

Yes you can toss and turn at night and because there is less slack, it prevents most cases of cover stealing since there is no slack to be stolen.

What if my husband can pull REALLY hard?

Cover Clamp can handle it. Here’s how. Cover Clamp reduces the slack available for your sleeping partner to pull in the first place, and because they feel strong resistance when they unconsciously pull, they often don’t pull as much, or as hard, as before.

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