The 5 Best Adjustable Beds Reviews 2020

When it comes to getting the best night of sleep, there’s more to consider than just your mattress (hint: adjustable bed). Sometimes we expect our mattress to do everything when all it can do is lie there, flat. Maybe you put extra pillows under your hips or back to get in the perfect sleeping position. Or perhaps you have back pain and lying flat on a mattress won’t help – no matter how many pillows you pile up or how soft your mattress is.

On a basic level, an adjustable bed is a motorized frame that can  elevate or lower. In the past they were mostly functional or for those suffering from poor health – something you found in hospital rooms. They weren’t designer or high tech. Let’s just say they wouldn’t be featured in magazines!

Another factor that changed how adjustable beds are made is today more people buy a bed in a box type mattress. Especially millennials. Since they usually only come with the top mattress (no base or box spring included), we’ve had to rethink what to use instead and an adjustable bed is an alluring choice.

People are more concerned about health and think of an adjustable base as a lifestyle upgrade in which good sleep is highly valued.

The 5 Best Rated Adjustable Beds of 2017

We’ve compiled 5 adjustable beds that are the most popular with buyers based on number of reviews and content. These have features and price tag to make them attractive choices for different budgets and price ranges.

Adjustable Beds Reviews and Comparisons

Buying an adjustable base is not a small investment, so these reviews of adjustable beds will help you put your money in the right product.

1. Purple PowerBase

Purple Powerbase

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The Purple adjustable bed or powerbase as they call it has incredible features like a full-body massager with 5 comfort levels. Elevate your feet to reduce back pain and improve blood flow. Raise your head so you can read that book or watch that movie on Netflix. Go zero gravity like an astronaut – just press the zero gravity button. If you are looking for the best adjustable bed for back pain and snoring, this won’t be a bad choice.

Purple powerbase comes with USB and power outlets to turn your bed into a productive workspace. Toss the alarm clock because there are no rude awakenings here. Purple’s powerbase gradually wakes you from your sweet slumber. Purple is first a mattress manufacturer so all of Purple’s mattresses are flexible and work with the powerbase.

The split king means if you don’t sleep alone you have separate remotes and therefore, control. Save your settings so your side of the bed is perfect and waiting for you.

Purple is known for their fun marketing and you should check out their videos! We thank them for not using scare tactics or being boring (except in their videos to help you fall asleep – they are super boring – by design). This is not the most good-looking adjustable bed on our list but it has a full feature set and even robots love it.

2. DynastyMattress & Leggett Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed with Mattress

This is a 2-for-1 adjustable bed base and the only one on our list that includes the mattresses. Another unique feature is that you can get a split queen option, not just a split king like our other top picks. Dynasty mattress provides two extra long twin memory foam mattresses for the split king (with a 30 year warranty on them!) and a Leggett Platt adjustable bed. It has massage for the head or foot (or both), plus a wave motion option that operates very smoothly and quietly. Adjust individual sides to your comfort level.

Adjustable bed base split queen

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You get under bed lighting, two wireless remotes and adjustable legs (so you won’t need a ladder to get onto your bed if you’re height challenged). Plus it can support up to 850 lbs! Mattress and frame are shipped separately so will probably arrive on different days, be prepared. Buy extra long sheets.

This adjustable bed will really help your back because this thing is heavy! I like that it has 2 sizes of legs so you can adjust depending on the height you need or prefer. For the price it’s a bargain since it includes the mattresses.

Some people report that the mattress slip some overnight and packages arrive separately and require a lot of set up but if you have got the right tools, it won’t take much time and efforts.

3. Reverie 7s Adjustable Bed With Bluetooth Option

Reverie brand is known for making high quality beds so you can trust that this bed is well made. They also make the Tempurpedic Ergo. Like the Purple Powerbase, you can control this bed with the wireless remote or app (this comes two remotes). The massage has 10 different modes and if snoring is a concern there’s an anti-snore button in addition to a zero gravity preset. If you are looking for a base for elderly, this is the best adjustable bed for seniors.

Reverie adjustable bed Amazon

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The mattresses aren’t included so be sure to buy mattresses that will work with an adjustable base. The Reverie has a wall hugger feature (not the same as a tree hugger). This is the sliding back mechanism to minimize the gap with the back wall when the bed is uplifted. It keeps your nightstand within reach and if you’re sleeping with someone else you can keep eye contact. In this price range you get all the features you could ask for (but not as many as the Purple).

This bed is practically silent so no problem if you adjust the settings in the middle of the night – you won’t wake anyone up. Ideal for light sleepers. Some people had trouble getting the bluetooth to work with the app (but you can always use the remote and no light noise either).

4. Milemont Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds Foundation – 10 Minute Set Up

This highly rated basic adjustable bed is made by Milemont and is an affordable option that’s easy to set up – in just 10 minutes. So you can likely set it up by yourself. That said, it doesn’t come with a lot of fancy features. You get a simple to operate wireless remote but no massage or lights. It does have one preset. There’s also a button that returns your bed to flat with just one click. The head and feet raise up independently of each other. Perfect if you have more back pain, knee pain or wants a base that’s easy to use and affordable.


basic adjustable bed base

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Easier setup than most adjustable beds and has varied height options. But if you have a wooden floor, be sure to remove the castors (wheels) so it doesn’t slide around. Lucky for you they are removeable.

5. Primo International Fleet Metal Mesh Adjustable Electric Bed Frame

When it comes to basic and a fair value this is our best pick. It’s ideal for kids or anyone who wants an easier to move/store their bed. Maybe you don’t need anything except for your head or feet to be raised – and if so, this is your bed! The frame folds up and can be stored making it a great choice for anyone who lives in an apartment or moves frequently. This is the cheapest adjustable bed on our list.

primo adjustable bed base

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The remote is wired – bonus – you can’t misplace it, but again, it only has up or down. You’re on your own for the actual mattress as it’s not included (there’s some confusion on the listing over this). It’s the only base that’s made with a black metal frame. The price is what stands out here, at under $500.

Comes flat and ships easily. It’s a step up from a high quality but non-motorized bed base since it only moves your head or feet up/down. What we don’t like about it is its limited 2 years warranty.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed

With an adjustable base you can easily find the most comfortable position for sleep. Elevate your head and feet with a simple click on a remote or app. Get a massage while you lie in bed. Plus get high tech features like device charging, music or under bed lighting.

An adjustable base is a choice for better sleep and better health. For anyone who suffers from acid reflux, arthritis, or back pain you can get relief by adjusting your bed to more comfortable positions. Then you can say, I no longer wake up in the morning with more aches and pains than I went to bed with.

Sleep on a recliner? Stop sleeping on a recliner to alleviate pressure on your joints or body. Instead zero gravity position gives you a weightless feeling that cradles you in comfort.

Raise your head so you can breath better (opens your airways) and help relieve snoring. If you’re just after the most comfortable night of sleep, that’s reason enough to get an adjustable bed.

What to Consider Before Buying Adjustable Bed

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Who is the bed for and how much weight will it need to support?

Couples or people who sleep with pets have different needs than solo sleepers.

How much space do you have? What features do you want?

You can get a wired or wireless remote and some include an app too. There’s everything from basic (just lifting and lowering) to advanced with multiple massage settings, USB chargers, etc. Some bases let you save your settings so you don’t have to play around and can just get comfortable immediately.

What is your price range and does the price include the mattress?

Some adjustable beds come with a mattress but most don’t. You need to factor in the cost of the mattress if you need a new one. For example, we have a king but when we get an adjustable base we will need two XL twins so we can have separate controls.

What’s your style?

Adjustable beds can be a basic metal, wood or have fabric (to match the decor of your room). Consider what look you want and where the bed will be so it will look great. You can optionally add a head and footboard.

Final Words

Adjustable beds are getting more popular for all ages and split options make them appealing to couples. They’ve come a long way from their hospital beginnings. They aren’t only for those who are sick, in pain, or bedridden although many find relief. Instead you may wish to stop snoring or clear a stuffed up head so you can sleep more deeply.

Power beds help you enhance the time you spend in bed. Under bed lighting and even speakers or USB chargers can keep you powered as your bed becomes your work station that allows you to work on a that project you need to get done.

Zero-G positions may reduce the pressure exerted on your spine, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. Massage soothe sore muscles from today’s tough workout or takes you to a deeper state of relaxation. Play some soft music, plug in your phone and you’ll soon be off to dreamland in your cozy adjustable bed.

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