You Need this Oversized Mattress In Your Life!

oversized mattress

Need an oversize bed? It’s probably going to have to be made custom – we can dream!!!

Here’s what people say about this bed:

Hell yes a bed I can stretch out on and still have someone in bed with me and not to mention when grandkids want to pile in the bed there would always be plenty of room 😊

Exactly how big is this bed? I always like to lay crossways on the bed. This one really gives you room to spare. Mommy, Daddy, four kids, NO PROBLEM!!

Meeee! I sleep on my couch and have severe chronic pain due to a car wreck… Please need that, lol, like as if

I would love a bed this size as we have 5 doggies and i could have all on the bed,now just only 2 sleep with me

Oh that looks so comfortable. Yet I bet the cat somehow manages to take up all the space and me balanced on the edge.
How one cat fills up a double bed is so funny.

Well, there are 6 Chihuahuas and one snowshoe siamese in bed with us every night. So I suppose I could use one, but then it would take up my whole bedroom.

Are you kidding me? I have 3 grandchildren and 6 dogs….of course I need it! Of course underneath would have to have drawers.

I do my grandkids coming for sleep over and I live in a one bedroom hotel room .if i had this more sleeping space .lol.

I don’t have big family, but I still love this bed.

First thing is I would forget about the shelf after I jumped on the bed.ouch.

If I had one like this, I’d never get out of bed.

Yeah but a pain in the ass to make everyday😂

Do you want an oversize bed??

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